Lighthouse is customizable to fit your needs and our pricing philosophy is the same!
No set fee for all – we listen to your needs and calculate pricing based on need and volume.

Get started today! – No set up or integration fees.

Transaction Based

Only pay for what you ship!

Monthly Invoicing

No contract needed, receive invoices month to month

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  • “Working with Kelley Logistics is always a pleasure. We have developed a great working relationship with them, and their dedication to making sure we receive responsive and accurate answers to any of our inquiries is phenomenal. Lighthouse TMS has been very user friendly and gives us the option to be able to check rates, schedule freight, and manage shipments right at our fingertips. It is a time saver and helps us to better streamline our logistics.”

    Erin - BaseTek, LLC

  • “Prior to Lighthouse, we would have to login to every carrier website or call the carrier to get quotes, then again to schedule a pickup.

    With Lighthouse being an all in one system (quote, dispatch, and tracking), we are able reduce the amount of time scheduling shipments, and put that extra time towards additional fulfillment productivity. It is also nice to have all the active shipments on one screen for tracking and proof of delivery when our customers request updates.

    The software is efficient, and cuts down time which equates to cost. Lighthouse is very user friendly with the ability to track and audit all shipments in one place which is great!”

    Kevin - Wright Bros. Aero, Inc.

  • “The team at Kelley Logistics made the switch to Lighthouse from our previous TMS so much easier than we expected. The attentive service and easy to use platform allowed us to seamlessly transition without interrupting our day-to-day business. Since the switch, Kelley continues to be just as attentive and has put extra effort into answering any and all questions. Working with them has been fantastic and we truly appreciate them!”

    Jess & Kara - Ports Petroleum, Inc.

  • "Lighthouse outshines our former TMS in every way and the team at Kelley Logistics is extremely responsive. The value is not only in the time we save in being able to quote, dispatch, track and audit shipments in one place, but the Kelley team backing it up. It’s evident this software was developed with the customers’ needs in mind."

    Anna - Lawgix