What can KELLEY do for you?
KELLEY offers a wide range of services – from acting as a client’s traffic department to assisting clients in streamlining their operations. We have a wide range of modes for you to choose from:

• Truckload
• Expedite-Surface-Air
• Flatbed
• Intermodal-Rail
• Cross-Dock
• International
• Ocean
• Warehousing

Call us today at 888.535.5392 to see how we can customize a solution for you.
Why should I do business with a Third Party Provider?
At KELLEY, we have prescreened CSA compliant carriers and maintain legal records required by law for all of the carriers we use. We help remove the burden of shippers and receivers by managing the mundane daily requirements. KELLEY also has the systems to manage day-to-day activities in a single platform for all clients.
What services does KELLEY offer?
KELLEY has expertise in all modes of transportation including, Truckload, LTL, Expedite (Air and Surface), Intermodal, Ocean/International, Warehousing.
Does KELLEY own trucks?
No, KELLEY is non-asset based. All of KELLEY transportation is purchased through our pre-certified carrier base.
Does KELLEY have after hours services?
Yes, KELLEY is available 24/7, 365 days a year.
How do I get billed for KELLEY Services?
KELLEY and our clients have individual agreements. KELLEY can bill clients for individual shipments, statement bill or even provide a data extract, downloadable for clients to batch process payables.
How does KELLEY profit?
Our agreements with clients are negotiated at the onset of our partnership and can be in the form of a flat fee, percentage of spend, or transactional.
Can KELLEY handle warehousing?
Yes, KELLEY works with clients to establish a location to manage distribution, sort and seg, kitting, long or short-term storage, etc.