What is Lighthouse?
A cloud-based Transportation Management System (TMS) that connects you to your transportation partners from a single platform. Lighthouse provides management of your LTL, Truckload and Parcel shipments to streamline your process from shipment creation to freight bill audit.
Do I have to install or purchase the software?
No, Lighthouse is web based and accessible from any device. Nothing to install or maintain.
What is required to establish a Lighthouse account?
We take care of the set-up and testing for you! Simply provide your website login credentials and account numbers for each provider. NDA available upon request.
What is the implementation time to set up a client on Lighthouse?
Typical set-up of a single location with multiple carriers and users is 1-2 days with testing.
Is Lighthouse a subscription based platform?
No, Lighthouse is transaction based – meaning you only pay when a shipment is dispatched. No fees per user or per location. The transactional fees are determined by shipment volume. A monthly recap of transactions is presented the following month.
How can I offset the cost of Lighthouse?
Time is money. Lighthouse streamlines processes, creating internal cost savings. However, to capture 100% of your Lighthouse investment, this can be incorporated in our Prepaid and Add feature for users who bill their clients for freight charges.
How many users can I have on Lighthouse?
Lighthouse has no user limits – a client can add as many users as needed.
What are the advantages of Lighthouse?
• Shared platform providing full visibility of shipment lifecycle
• Manage Multiple locations
• Account administrator can manage user permissions
• Lighthouse Supplier Portal / Purchase Order Management
• Truckload Carrier Portal – provider managed progression
• Robust Audit Feature with Auto Approve for carrier payables
• Evolving platform built by you, the customer!
Can Lighthouse integrate with our internal system(s)?
Yes, Lighthouse can send/receive information to YOUR ERP/SAP system.
Is Lighthouse difficult to navigate?
Not at all, Lighthouse is a user-friendly interface that guides users through each process and will send alerts if required information is missing. We pride ourselves on the personal support we provide through individual/department training sessions.
Can I request a recommendation from current clients?
Absolutely! Not only is this welcomed but encouraged. We can coordinate this for you!