KELLEY, headquartered in Greenwood IN, is a leader in supply chain solutions. We help our customers move freight throughout the United States and around the world. We offer customized solutions to help shippers meet their tough transportation challenges.

We’re Looking for Carriers Who …

  • Are committed to providing reliable and consistent service

  • Want a long term boost in business

  • Practice open and interactive communication

  • Desire mutually profitable business relationships

  • Require advanced IT capabilities


KELLEY invites you to join our Pre-Certified Carrier Team and become a certified service provider. The following information is required by KELLEY before entering into a contractual agreement with a carrier.

  • SCAC (Standard Carrier Alpha Classification) Code

  • Current Certificate of Insurance (Copy of certificate required)

  • Current Operating Authority (Copy of certificates or permit required)

  • W-9 Form

  • Current U.S. DOT Safety Rating or MC Number (Copy required)

  • Hazardous Materials Endorsement (Copy required if applicable)

  • Transportation Security Plan (As required under U.S. Code of Regulations, Title 49, Part 1500)

  • EDI Capabilities (Preferably 210 Billing, 214 Tracing, 204/211 Load Tender)

  • Type of Driver Communication (For example, Qualcomm/Pager/Cell Phone)

  • Proof of Minority Status (If Applicable)


We look forward to developing a business relationship with your company. If you are interested in being a member of the KELLEY Carrier Team, please send us the information required or give us a call.