Freight charges are due and payable within fifteen (15) calendar days plus a grace period of fifteen (15) calendar days, resulting in maximum payment terms not to exceed 30 calendar days. When a properly rated freight bill remains unpaid after a period of 100 days, carrier will forward such bill(s) to an outside Collection Agency for collection purposes. At the time of the forwarding to such outside agency, any discount which had been extended on the original freight bill(s) will be revoked and Collection Agency (or Kelley) will collect the gross amount of such original freight bill(s). The gross amount will be the freight charges before any discount which may have been extended at the time of subject shipment(s). In addition, debtor will be responsible for attorney fees and/or court costs associated with or as a result of suit. When a shipment is issued for payment of a carrier’s freight bill and is returned unpaid due to insufficient funds, stop payments or closed account, an additional charge of $50.00 will apply. It is Kelley Logistics policy to limit any freight bill adjustments to only unpaid bills, that are less than ninety (90) days old and/or for accounts that are within terms. We also reserve the right to adjust freight bills in order to preserve the integrity of the original Bill of Lading, any subsequent, viable Corrected Bills of Lading, assess any applicable accessorial fees and/or any certified Weight and Inspections. When a Third Party (a party other than the Consignor/Consignee or its freight payment processor) is shown on the Bill of Lading as being responsible for the payment of freight charges, the shipment will be subject to the following provisions:

  1. Shipment will be billed as “prepaid”.

  2. Consignor does not execute Section 7 of the Bill of Lading.

  3. Consignor guarantees to pay all accrued charges if the Third Party fails to do so within the time allowed.

  4. Name and address of Third Party must be clearly shown on the original Bill of Lading.